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K-Monitor Pro

  • You have an excellent view of the screen, which allows you to have one working screen and three display screens, as well as all the tractor settings such as linkage, PTO, hydraulics, engine, transmission, HMS, etc.
  • Using ISOBUS as the interface, the K-Monitor Pro can communicate with all ISOBUS machines and is equipped to drive with GPS systems.
  • The easy-to-use touch screen is designed for long working days.
Model Variants
Model Size Tractor
K-Monitor Pro  12'' M7001 & M7002 ISOBUS


Tractor Functionalities

All tractor functionalities at your fingertips:

  • All tractor settings are always displayed on the bottom part of the K-Monitor Pro
  • Quick access to:
    • Linkage
    • PTO
    • Hydraulics
    • Engine/Transmission
    • Front wheels drive and differential
    • Head Land Management
    • Tractor informations
Working Screen With Three Display Screens

Universal Terminal

  • K-Monitor Pro is an ISOBUS universal terminal used to control all ISOBUS implements, as well as all the tractor settings.
  • The main working screen allows a clear view and manipulation of all settings.


Driver display information:

  • All the informations which are needed for the driver can be displayed on the left part of the K-Monitor Pro.
  • Those three display screens allow a fast and easy switching between two functions.
  • All important settings can be monitored at the same time.

This can be you your first step into Precision Farming:

  • K-Monitor PRO makes it easy to control any ISOBUS machine from your tractor cab.
  • K-Monitor PRO GEOCONTROL enables you to achieve higher yields, lower costs and do your work with less hassle.
  • For more information about GEOCONTROL functionalities (Section control and Variable rate) go to the Optimization parts.


Free of charge features:

  • K-Monitor PRO GEOCONTROL - Data Management: all application and field data can be exchanged between your farm management system and K-Monitor PRO GEOCONTROL via a USB stick.
  • Field reports are available for ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS machines.
  • Automatic and Manual guidance: For more information about guidance solutions go to the Optimization parts.
Multi-Function Terminal

K-Monitor PRO offers a lot of different functionalities:

  • Universal Terminal: Works with all certified ISOBUS implements
  • Tractor settings: All tractor functions can be adjusted
  • Camera: Up to four cameras
  • Traceability: Import and export the task done
  • GEOCONTROL: Section control and Variable rate
  • Guidance: Manual or automatic guidance
ISOBUS Certification ISO11783 AEF

Kubota and AEF

The AEF wishes to provide the necessary resources and appropriate know-how so that important technical challenges concerning electronic and electrical systems in agricultural technology and farming can be jointly addressed by their industry.


Objectives of the AEF

  • Establishment and continuation of the international development and expansion of electronic and electrical technology as well as implementation of electronic standards
  • To coordinate international cooperation in AG electronics technology
  • To build synergistic partnerships between AG equipment manufacturers for the benefit of equipment users
  • To coordinate technical improvements (ISOBUS) including management and enhancement of certification tests
  • To organize certification support, training, workshops, marketing activities and consulting relating to any AG electronics international standards
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