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Electric Auto-Steer

Electric Auto-Steer

The AutoDrive hardware, together with the IsoMatch GEODRIVE® licence, expands the IsoMatch GEOCONTROL by providing an automatic steering function. While steering takes place automatically, you can more easily monitor and carry out your work, and concentrate 100% on the results on the field. The work is thus more efficient and more accurate (DGPS: 30-50cm accuracy, RTK: 2-3cm accuracy), and overlaps are avoided. This leads to cost savings of 5-10% for fertilisers, plant protection products and seeds, as well as to better growing conditions and higher yields.


Electric steering wheel solution on every tractor

  • The automatic steering system keeps the tractor reliably on-track.
  • The driver can therefore better concentrate on spreading the operating resources and has less stress.
  • The electric steering wheel kit can be fitted in every tractor even the competitor’s tractors.
  • This electric steering wheel kit can be easily transferred from one tractor to the other.
  • Precise control of the direction and movement of the tractor
  • Steering assistance for driving straight ahead
  • Minimises overlaps and gaps
  • Increased operational efficiency through the implementation of control functions
  • Productive operation even at night


  • Auto-steer Straight lines
  • Auto-steer Curved lines
  • Auto-steer Straight & Curved combined lines
  • Engagement or disengagement from the screen or from a switch on the armrest
  • Correction signal DGPS or RTK


All in one terminal:

  • Guidance
  • ISOBUS machine
  • Section control
  • Variable rate
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